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Today's Best Five Year Mortgage Rates!

3.14% *
5 Year Fixed
CMHC insured purchases or transfers - live deals only
2.29% *
(prime -.91%)
5 Year Variable
CMHC insured purchases or transfers - live deals only

Owner occupied only *OAC

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rates COMMERCIAL residential Mortgage Tips!

Did you know that  most major banks have radically different (read higher) penalty calculations than Broker-Only Mortgage Lenders?

This means that it can cost you literally $1,000's of dollars more to refinance, sell, or transfer your mortgage from most banks.

We only deal with the best lenders with standard penalties and 20/20 prepayment options!
0% Down Financing!
100% financing still lives…outside the banks.

Here are some examples of buyers who might potentially be suited for 100% financing:
•First-time buyers whose rental costs are roughly the same as they would be paying on a mortgage
•Renters with no consumer debt and good employment
•A borrower whose money is tied up in their business or investments/RSP’s

Among other qualifications, it requires:
•1.5% of the purchase price in cash for closing costs
•excellent credit
•two years on the job
•little evidence of credit seeking behaviour
•good debt ratios
all three